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Cherrie Redraw - Progress by Tobi-the-good-boy
Cherrie Redraw - Progress
On the far left is the Original Drawing, which was made back in 2008-ish. At the time, that was what I thought a finished Sketch should look like, and I was pleased with the outcome

First I did a redline, that I built a base off of, and then fleshed out the primary sketch. Then I did all of my crazy art voodoo magic and finished up the piece!

[Finished Picture - Broken Dolls are Scary]
Broken Dolls are Scary by Tobi-the-good-boy
Broken Dolls are Scary
Ayyyy Cherrie (who was originally created waaaay back in like 2008)
[Original, WIP comparisons]

I tried a bunch of new coloring things on this one and wow am I pleased with it
If I could add my own art to m favorites I would because this is my new personal fav of my art

(okay now im going to write about Cherrie a  bit so feel free to skip if you're not interested)

Cherrie is a Homunculus created by an Angelic Organization known as the Neo-Archs. Her purpose was to infiltrate and devour the Demon Armies that were ravaging Earth, under the guise of a human child. Unfortunately the seals inside her shell were not properly inscribed and slowly Cherrie was twisted by the Evil Energies swirling inside her stomach

Still far from a Demon herself, Cherrie still mindlessly attempts to follow her original instruction. Too bad for her that the line between 'Human' and 'Demon' is blurred by rose tinted glasses.
Yeah so

Deviantart done did a thign

It's ugly as hell but then I'm brought back to every previous update that everyone whined about and then eventually adjusted to
because we all have Stockholm with this website

I expect to see a lot of people leave though and that going to be sad
Animal Crossing Husbando by Tobi-the-good-boy
Animal Crossing Husbando
Aaah where to start with this one

Okay so
I'd like to start this off by saying I may have accidentally started going out with Groucho.
He gives me gifts multiple times per conversation streak and I made the mistake of sending him a funny letter at the beginning of our friendship.

Today Rowan come up to me, said something to the effect of 'I found this item and it reminded me of you, here!'
Then he gave me a trash can.

Upset by the blatant insult from who I thought was my friend, I went to Groucho to make sure that my entire town didn't hate me. He promptly asked me about my Trash Can, but bought it off me and proceeded to give me a Spotlight, a Bamboo wall, a Orange Tie-Dye Shirt, and an Astro Bed. He then presented me with the letter, followed by

Laughing and interested, I talked to him one more time.

Then I sealed my fate.
I had gained a spicy big dad. The shame is immeasurable.

so of course I had to draw Groucho and Hiro together. I blame Memphis.
sUrrender by Tobi-the-good-boy
Another drawing of Calliope/Her Absolute Autocracy

[Tumblr post]


"jUst- back off!" - First picture in the series

There’s a turning point. Every great Villain has a turning point, something that pushes them past their previously held boundaries and makes whatever’s inside of them snap.

There’s always something that makes the gears turn.

All it takes is one bad day.

ngl there's a lot of stuff going on offline right now

Which is terrible, because wow I really need money coming in but I can't be around to do them due to stress levels and just no time to get at a computer.

I'm going to make a donation thing, for which I'd make sure that if you donated anything I'd try to give you a little drawing based around what I could do for you and stuff but IDK if anyone would even bite for that and everything is just stressing me out;;

Starting on August 11th I'll have three months of absolutely zero income as my Wife, of whom I depend on financially, is going to be undergoing care and unable to work or receive any sort of monetary compensation for lost time. Meanwhile, living costs for keeping the house have gone up an additional $200/month and if we can't pay it the house gets foreclosed and we have to find somewhere else to live, which wont be easy for four people and four animals and all of our stuff.

You can donate to my PayPal: 
and if you do just leave a message on this Journal saying how much you donated, or the Full First Name and Last Name Initial the money will be sent from (for tracking purposes) and a character or something you'd like me to draw for you and I'll try to get that done as quickly as possible. Drawings will range from flat-colored sketches to flat-colored linearts depending on what I have time for and what I can manage to draw through the stress of everything.

Any amount is appreciated, even if it's just like 20 cents, whatever you can afford it all adds up.

Thank you.


The best Art never drawn!
Okay, so, now I have to try and describe myself. I am only a little bit pessimistic with a optimistic-hopeful outlook on things, if that makes any sense. Just another funny fat chick. The World needs more of those, right?

Personal Quote: Wow! you smell like the letter 3! ( Given to me by LovexXxHaku )

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