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FAZBEAR CREW REPRESENT by Tobi-the-good-boy
So I run this Chica Roleplay Blog
and me and a friend were joking about having Toy Chica go Warbot

so I designed a Warbot Chica
this is her

I think the saddest thing is that she's actually wearing more clothes than canon Toy Chica.
I need your finest Potions by Tobi-the-good-boy
I need your finest Potions

this is Rupe

She's a Dragon-Knight Dragon Slayer

She's also asexual and puts everyone in the little sibling zone, even if they're an old fogey with grey hair everywhere. Her scales are actually tougher than her armor so she could literally walk around naked but she chooses not to because she doesn't want to be viewed as a sexual object
but then she got her tits hanging out so Rupe what the fuck bae that not how you do it
Layin' a trap for yo sorry ass by Tobi-the-good-boy
Layin' a trap for yo sorry ass
Okay so
way back when in the magical time of 2007 I decided it was a good idea to make myself a Ninja Team

So I created: Green-haired Sasori, Poncho Sasuke, and Token Black Guy
They sat largely unchanged and unused for many years until I re-discovered them and decided to let them rest in piece by fixing their designs.

I present to you,

(Pictured Left-to-Right)
Misaki, Kuro, Vasen
Still working on updating their Stats, Jutsus, and Backstories. Keeping them from the Grass village, though.
One Darling Dear by Tobi-the-good-boy
One Darling Dear
I'm doing some commissions over on my FlightRising account, and this just so happened to be one of them!

I adore this character. There's just something about the pink-and-purple pompadour that makes this guy such a wonder to draw!

Darling belongs to KingTheory
Rikikikikikikiki by Tobi-the-good-boy
One of my many furry trash OCs 

This one is back from like 2010 but I re-drew her and made her less of a skinny japanese girl into a more chubby east-asian mix chick

also I want those panties ngl
ngl there's a lot of stuff going on offline right now

Which is terrible, because wow I really need money coming in but I can't be around to do them due to stress levels and just no time to get at a computer.

I'm going to make a donation thing, for which I'd make sure that if you donated anything I'd try to give you a little drawing based around what I could do for you and stuff but IDK if anyone would even bite for that and everything is just stressing me out;;

Starting on August 11th I'll have three months of absolutely zero income as my Wife, of whom I depend on financially, is going to be undergoing care and unable to work or receive any sort of monetary compensation for lost time. Meanwhile, living costs for keeping the house have gone up an additional $200/month and if we can't pay it the house gets foreclosed and we have to find somewhere else to live, which wont be easy for four people and four animals and all of our stuff.

You can donate to my PayPal: 
and if you do just leave a message on this Journal saying how much you donated, or the Full First Name and Last Name Initial the money will be sent from (for tracking purposes) and a character or something you'd like me to draw for you and I'll try to get that done as quickly as possible. Drawings will range from flat-colored sketches to flat-colored linearts depending on what I have time for and what I can manage to draw through the stress of everything.

Any amount is appreciated, even if it's just like 20 cents, whatever you can afford it all adds up.

Thank you.


The best Art never drawn!
Okay, so, now I have to try and describe myself. I am only a little bit pessimistic with a optimistic-hopeful outlook on things, if that makes any sense. Just another funny fat chick. The World needs more of those, right?

Personal Quote: Wow! you smell like the letter 3! ( Given to me by LovexXxHaku )

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